cyber security

We enjoy the use of the new media technology ..Blogs, wikis, social media and all but nothing is ever perfect, the awesomeness of these technologies comes with unprecedented threats thus the need for cyber security.


For every business that runs  on the internet, cyber security is a critical issue because it is the protection of systems, networks and data in cyberspace.

The growth of both  formal and informal entrepreneurs in Zambia and the growth of technology symbolizes the need of cyber security in Zambia.

cyber security exists in multiple ways such as cyber terror which is perpetuated by terrorist, cyber crime which mainly involves money theft via cyber space, cyber wars involving a nation state conducting sabotage and espionage against another nation.

Zambia being  a Christian nation does not mean such crimes do not exist, many people in this county have  complained about their face book accounts being hacked a perfect example is that of Mwansa Bwale an entrepreneur, whose face book account was hacked by unknown people.

The people began to ask for funds in her name saying the money was for charity and when Mwansa leant about this it was too late and the culprits are still not known.

On July 13th 2014 the visiting  International Telecommunications Union (ITU) deputy secretary-general Houlin Zhao  launched the first-ever cyber security laboratory in Zambia, which was meant to enable law-enforcement agencies to combat Information Communication Technology (ICT)-related crimes.

This showed efforts by the Zambian government to combat cyber crimes, ZICTA and the media as  organizations have also helped in education the public about cyber crimes and the punishment that are to be given to perpetrators of these crimes.

despite all this effort, cyber crimes in the country are still persistent to an extent that ZICTA began to discourage people from posting photos of their national registration cards or voters cards on the social media for fear of duplications.

Apart from this many Zambian complain about people posting pornographic material on their face books sights, status being change, peoples still complain about money missing in their bank accounts and the trending question is ” how is ZICTA using the equipment meant for combating these crime ”



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