Patriotism towards the Zed Entertainment industry vital…

Someone once told me ” if you major in entertainment no one will ever take you seriously” , I ask myself is this true?,

we all chose who we want to be.. I take keen interest in the entertainment industry especially Zambian because I believe in the potential that our country’s industry has.

we are heading to greater heights with majority of our artist collaborating with international artists like Nigeria’s ice prince and  Patoranking, Congo’s Fally Ipupa and Dacosta ,  United States R-Kelly, Jamaican Gyptian,  South Africa’s Busiswa as well as Ghana’s stone Bwoy, just to mention a few.

This is an indication that we are rising as an industry… soon, many other countries will speak of this country and wish to collaborate with our artists..believe  in the talent that this country is endowed with and its potential.

The Music industry receives new artists on the scene everyday with remarkable skills and awesome writing abilities..while others have been singing but are still in the background..there are so many examples but that would make this post long…

All we need to do is be patriotic as this country’s citizens, stop bringing our artists down and support them instead..  i mean by doing so our country is benefiting.. the industry is a tourist puller! which means more money! Zambia is not just about politics people!

Why do you think we know more about Nigeria and play their music or now know the Eastern Indian culture? well its because of the entertainment industry that they have created for themselves as countries.. We keep praising these countries and leaving out our own…

it is lamentable that most radio Djs and presenters are playing more Nigerian music that Zambian music on their radio shows!!!!



Its funny how we as Zambians can allow someone to badmouth our country and instead of protecting our own we go like ” its the truth weee”  this is our home people…if we do not support local who will?…. we do not even watch our own movies or read our own books.. we do not want to attend the zed concerts which costs K100 but go for the foreigner’s concerts at K500…. Really?…

So if you do not wanna take me serious for what i choose to do or  who i want to be… am sorry i believe in my country and its entertainment industry’s potential.. i support local…after all Kavo can blog…


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