The mind is a strong tool, in fact the greatest asset, you can either use it to for good or for bad.

They say an idle mind is the devil’s work shop simply because one can sit and plot against someone and kill them. some say we are who we tell our mind we are.

Have you ever thought to yourself why you never have an explanation as to why you just don’t eat certain food staffs? i still couldn’t explain why i didn’t bear the thought of having green paper in my food till i realized, i fed my mind with  negatives about it. well i want it in my food a lot these days because i told my mind that green paper is good.

you become what you tell yourself, if you always say that you are a failure then you will always fail. you can never pass a job interview when you tell yourself that you are not good enough, you can never pass your exam if you tell yourself that even if you study you will still fail.

Use your mind for good, it has the ability to do great things, be creative, be smart and positive, do not wait for compliments so you can feel good about yourself, tell your mind how awesome you are,how successful you are, have faith in yourself and never feed your mind negative statements.

Given a hard task? tell yourself “i can do this without any doubt,in fact i have already succeeded” certain people will rub negative vibes, but if you are strong and positive minded you will know that what they say are just words and words are cheep anybody can afford them, never mind negative vibes they are just jealous of your success, the positive person you tell yourself you are.

THE MIND; is a strong and powerful tool, use it wisely, yep KAVO can blog too.


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